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07-Ghost for anime20in20 Round 43


- -

10 themes
body joy peace expectations huh?
OTP left right light texture not square
5 category |negative space|
c.1 c.2 c.3 c.4 c.5
5 artist's choice
ac.1 ac.2 ac.3 ac.4 ac.5

#body - well, you get the entire body of this cute little mermaid. Also, she's kinda taking up the body of the icon. /lame pun
#peace - I wanted to be clever and creative with this one, so I went through a boatload of scans looking for the ~perfect~ one, but clearly, I broke my bone of creativity somewhere along the way and decided that there was nothing wrong with being painfully obvious. Right? Right? *crickets*
#expectations - text says "getting stronger"
#huh? - pretty much my reaction upon seeing that image.
#OTP - Let's just. Let's not even go there. ;-;
# left & right - probably my favourites of the batch because they accidentally ended up complimenting each other. :'D
#light texture - way too many actually, orz.
#not square - any size except a 100x100 pixel box. Also, don't ask me how he is in that position. It's. Probably magic. I couldn't casually lounge like that without breaking my back. Teito, though? Absolutely chill. @-@
#category - negative space: (subject takes up less than 50% of icon) Kiiiinda skirting the line with a few here, but. I had no idea what to do here, so I went all blue, orz.
#AC: Again, no idea what to do. I just defaulted to some sort of rainbow. And chibis. Because chibis > life. Or something. It also ended up being kind of a logical progression of the story, but idek, orz. Wasn't intentional.

[#] Textless icons are NOT bases, do not alter in any way.
[#] Please credit either lightrobber or one_heart_less.
[#] Comments are much appreciated.
[#] Please do not direct-link/hotlink. Save the images to your own server.
[#] Don't repost them anywhere.
[#] If you like what you see, please watch this community.
[!] Noticed a brush/texture that's yours, but your name is not on the resource list? Leave a comment here or on the resource post and I'll add you. ♥~
Tags: 07-ghost, anime20in20

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