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For anime20in20

[#] Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
[#] 07-Ghost
[#] Hakuouki
[#] Saiyuki Gaiden
[#] Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru


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10 themes
winter hands gradient escape far crop
festive happiness dots arrow shoes
category |farewell|
.1 .2 .3 .4 .5
extra category | mangaka's work |
.6 .7 .8 .9 .10
artist's choice
ac.1 ac.2 ac.3 ac.4 ac.5

And the extras that were deemed not good enough.

1 2 3 4 5

escape: text "I am the gateway" - Mukuro's gateway from his prison cell into the real world
happiness: those quiet moments...
arrow: used as borders because I was uncreative, orz
farewell: omg this fandom. It's just one goodbye after another, after a third. D:
mangaka's work: Can we just talk about Kazuya Minekura and her awesome art skills? Can we? Because she always blows me away with her artworks.
Tags: 07-ghost, hakuouki, katekyou hitman reborn, saiyuki, saiyuki gaiden, uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru
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